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Does the thought of Choosing One Thing make you feel like you’re in jail? Does your family tell you that you’d do great things if only you’d “focus”? Do you often start a new hobby or project with much enthusiasm, only to lose interest once you’ve made some headway?

Are you afraid that people think you’re flaky, considering the amount of interests you’ve pursued? Are you convinced that you have ADHD, since you can’t spend more than an hour at a time on one task? Do you think you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, always being wooed by the new, brighter thing that’s around the corner?

Yeah, us too.


We’re Michelle Ward and Emilie Wapnick,
and we’re multi-passionates.

We’re both authors, coaches, and small business owners. Over the years we’ve come to see our many interests as a strength rather than a limitation. We’ve built businesses that support us financially, fulfill us emotionally, and allow us to work with thousands of other multi-passionates just like you.

In the years that we’ve been running our businesses, we’ve become colleagues with teachers, artists and coaches who share our “Renaissance nature” and our belief that having multiple passions can be a super power. Since 2013, we’ve reached out to them in order to curate Multi-Passionate Must-Haves – an annual sale, which is only being offered for 72 hours starting May 17th, 2016.

When you purchase Multi-Passionate Must-Haves, you’ll gain access to over a dozen programs created by and for multi-passionates. We understand the challenges of being a person who wants to do it all but is yearning for focus, so we sought out products that address three main areas: your work, your creativity and the fear that can keep you from both. The products in this bundle will help you build a sustainable life around your many passions, so that you can bring your brilliant ideas to the world.

What’s Included

We’re thrilled to offer you – for just $97 – immediate access to:

78 Cards, All of the Things: Tarot for Multipods, Projects & Planning

by Beth Maiden ($29 value – EXCLUSIVE):

We’ve all heard of tarot as a fortune-telling device, but these 78 fascinating cards also make a wonderful tool for figuring out projects, making plans and getting things done. In this 50-page e-book, professional tarot reader and writer Beth Maiden introduces the tarot deck as a productivity tool and provides practical advice and straightforward exercises to help you plan your next project using a simple deck of cards. You don’t need to be an experienced tarot reader to use this book, just grab yourself a deck of tarot cards and get started!

Artist Websites that Sell

by Cory Huff ($47 value):

Do you ask yourself, “What do I put on my website and how do I get people excited about what I do?” Artist Websites that Sell is a course that shows you, step by step, exactly how to research and brand a website that represents all of your multipotentialite awesomeness. The course includes 4 modules with video lessons & worksheets on how to: discover your personal brand, pick website services & themes that work for you, optimize your site for search engines, and drive traffic to your site.

Best of Productivity & Team + Best of Artists & Makers

by Jennifer Lee ($274 value):

Need to get sh*t done?  Learn insider tools and techniques for clearer decision-making, more effective planning, better team performance, finishing what you start and more!  PLUS Best of Artists and Makers: No more starving artists!  Learn how to price your work, create new product lines, establish a following, get your products into the media and retail stores, keep your creative juices flowing and so much more! Includes full video summit session recordings, MP3s, checklists with suggested action steps, learning maps to help you document your take-aways and Aha’s and Actions Guide to help make the most of your materials.

Branding Basics for the Highly-Creative Person

by Tiffany Han ($97 value):

For the person with too many passions to count, the biggest business challenge is often how to organize all of your interests so they make sense. In this 90-minute live class and accompanying workbook, Tiffany will walk you through the basics of branding including why it’s important, how it benefits your business, and a step-by-step process for defining your work in terms that are easy to communicate without having to compromise your creativity. You will walk away from this class with the tools you need to define your work (and your value!) and the clarity to keep moving toward your creative goals.

An Effective Escape

by Michelle Ward ($57 value – EXCLUSIVE):

Wanna quit your job, but don’t wanna wind up living in your parent’s basement eating Ramen noodles? You can do it! This 70-page workbook will walk you through how the author created a sturdy safety net to confidently leave her corporate job in March 2010 and made “the leap” to full-time coach – and it’ll walk you through what your sturdy safety net consists of. Retired in 2014 and not to be offered again, working through An Effective Escape takes only 2ish hours and will give you the exact month and year you can leave your job based on what you need to be comfortable giving your notice!

Figure Out What Fits

by Scott Anthony Barlow ($397 value):

Figure Out What Fits is the only A to Z system to help you use your “Signature Strengths” to design your career around the life you really want! You have lots of things you enjoy and you’re not even sure where to begin. You know that you want more fulfillment in your work. Figure Out What Fits helps you decide the most important ways to spend your time by focusing on what you’re already great at and what you enjoy. We then help you connect those discoveries to your career!

The Freelancer Planner

by Michelle Nickolaisen ($15 value):

You love freelancing, but you have a problem: it’s a real pain in the patootie to stay organized. Client bookings, priorities for the month, making time for your own business and client work, knowing what events are when…whew. There’s so many digital tools–which are great, don’t get me wrong–but wouldn’t it be nice to have one place where you could quickly take the pulse of your business, without having to look at six different apps and two different browser tabs? The Freelancer Planner is the only planner that gives you one place to see where you’re at with your income goals for the month, see how far in the future you’re booked with client projects, give you one place to view your priorities, tasks, and events for a given month or week at a glance, and train you to create better business and productivity habits.

The Good to Know Project, Issues #6-10

by Amy Ng ($16 value):

The Good to Know Project is filled with advice and inspiration from artists, illustrators and designers on various topics – business, life and creativity. In every issue, we pose a theme and a question to our audience. Here, we’ve gathered their feedback into a handy little PDF download. This special bundle holds issues #6 to #11, and covers topics such as: envy/jealousy, plagiarism, seeking help as an artist, rituals and routines, fear, and holding down multiple jobs.

Jump Start Your Podcast

by Paula Jenkins ($37 value):

This podcasting guide outlines the basic questions that you’ll want to answer prior to starting on your podcasting journey, and provides a quick reference guide on what to have lined up as you head towards your launch. It’s a happy balance between “how to” and “what to consider,” and is chock full of tried and true project management ideas so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel as you start your show. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to start a podcast, is curious to learn more about podcasting, or would like to compare notes on how to structure the process of their existing podcast. You will learn: what format to pick for your show, what to consider when naming your show, how to approach and pitch guests, what equipment and software you need, and much more.

Life is Messy Planners®

2016 Edition, by Mayi Carles ($40 value):

These planners have helped more than 7,000 save-the-world-in-pajamas types take their brilliant ideas from lightbulb to done + reclaim their neglected bucket lists + turn their multiple curiosities into a healthy money-making business. The complete downloadable collection comes with 58 interactive printables, and the option to download in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

The Niche Master Class

Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden ($194 value):

Need help finding a niche that works with your multi-passionate nature? The Niche Master Class includes over 5 hours of in-depth niche training, video recordings, handouts, and  worksheets to help you quickly implement what you’ve learned! These training sessions walk you through all of the strategies we show our top level coaching students to help them pick their niche. We give you over 5 hours of Niche training so you can finally find the perfect Niche and make the next step in your business.

Renaissance Business: Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job, 2nd Ed.

by Emilie Wapnick ($49 value):

Renaissance Business is a digital guide for multipotentialites that takes you through the entire process of creating and launching an online business, from figuring out your passions and crafting an overarching theme, to thinking up a title, tagline and design, to growing and selling through your community. Instead of “overcoming” your desire to do many things, we’ll use your multipotentiality as a foundation for your business and the thing that sets it apart. This second edition of RB came out in 2015 and includes additional and updated resources.

The Ultimate Recharge and Renew Kit for Your Creative Life

by Jen Louden ($198 value):

Crave a personal or business retreat, but have no budget or time to travel? Or maybe you renew best on your own? Jen Louden wrote the book on retreats (she even sat on Oprah’s couch to talk about it) and has a virtual retreat (in a digital box) designed for deep unwinding, creative renewal, and learning. Featuring 15 mini-retreat sessions with Jen and world-famous guests Geneen Roth, Judith Orloff, Susan Piver, Christina Baldwin, Patti Digh and more + a rich guidebook bursting with retreat ideas, this kit gives you the materials to renew your passions, your direction, and your creative well-being for years to come.

How to Clone Yourself

by Amber McCue ($149 value):

The to-do list never gets shorter. Your days never get longer. You’re never actually “done.” You’re constantly in motion, spinning your wheels, and hoping for the day when it gets easier (or at least less taxing). Except it’s been, what now? Months? Years? And yet, you’re more buried in work than ever. The solution? You need a clone.

This 4 module DIY program will get you on the way to “cloning yourself”. This will help you get back to doing what you do best and enjoy more of what you want in your life. Plus, you’ll massively increase your energy levels to boot! During this training we are going to break down leadership, systems, and hiring strategies you need to consider if you want to scale and grow your business and achieve lasting success in your business.

$10 from Each Sale goes to Support Breast Cancer Research

Because we feel strongly that multipotentialites powers need to be used for good, we’re going to be donating $10 from each sale to Michelle’s team for the Avon 2-Day Walk in New York.

Michelle was diagnosed with Stage One breast cancer in November 2011 and Stage Three breast cancer in September 2015.  This will be the 5th year she’ll be walking 39.3 miles with Avon over 2 days with her mother and bestest friends. The money raised will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade to help provide access to care for those that most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures. Since 2013, the annual Multi-Passionate Must-Haves sale has donated $27k to Team Awesome, and we can’t wait to add to the total for 2016!

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How have we not bragged about our contributors yet? They are the best, and here’s proof:

Amy Ng

Amy Ng is an art and design magazine editor turned illustrator; who currently teaches at The One Academy in Malaysia, on topics that touch on creativity and illustration. As a self-taught artist, she regularly writes on the topic of entrepreneurship, illustration and creativity; deciphering clues and shedding light on the intersection between them. She keeps a blog at Pikaland where she experiments with her ideas, and it’s also where she organizes projects with artists and illustrators around the world.

Beth Maiden

Beth Maiden is a tarot reader and writer based on the Isle of Skye. She is the author of Little Red Tarot, a big (and growing!) blog and website packed to the brim with resources to help you learn tarot. She is the creator of the Alternative Tarot Course and the host of the Alternative Tarot Network, a social network for tarot lovers.

Cory Huff

Cory Huff helps artists dispel the myth of the starving artist by teaching them to sell art online. He is also an actor, director and story teller. His book How to Sell Your Art Online, published by HarperCollins, comes out June 28. Cory and his wife live in Portland, Oregon with their two perfect cats.

Emilie Wapnick

Emilie Wapnick is the Founder and Creative Director at Puttylike, where she helps multipotentialites integrate all of their interests to create dynamic, fulfilling and fruitful careers and lives. Emilie has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post and Lifehacker. Her TED talk, Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling has been viewed 2.5 million times and translated into 30 languages.

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee, author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and bestselling The Right-Brain Business Plan, spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder before pursuing her creative dreams. Through her popular programs, products, and writing, she empowers others to follow their passions. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and sweet husky-lab mix.

Jen Louden

Jen Louden is a bestselling author who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book. She’s the author of 6 additional books on well-being and whole living, including The Life Organizer and A Year of Daily Joy, that have inspired more than a million women in 9 languages. Jen has spoken around the U.S., Canada and Europe, has written online weekly since 2000, authored a national magazine column for three years, studied screenwriting, fiction and memoir writing with numerous teachers, and has led writing retreats and coached writers & teachers in producing books, blogs, and courses for 24+ years.

Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden

Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden are the co-hosts of Internet Business Mastery Podcast – the #1 internet business podcast on iTunes since 2005. 10 years ago, they left their 9-5 jobs in search for a Freedom Lifestyle.  Since then they have helped over 7,000 of their students achieve a lifestyle full of freedom and fulfillment by starting their own internet business. Jason likes to connect people with knowledge, resources and relationships in order to help them live lives of increasing purpose and passion. Jeremy is passionate about teaching beginning entrepreneurs how to escape the 9-5 and create a lifestyle full of freedom and fulfillment.

Mayi Carles

Mayi Carles is a tiny Panamanian artist with a T-Rex heart making a living on the Internet by being herself + trusting the mess + owning her weird + sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way, including the bloopers. She currently lives in tropical paradise with the love of her life David + their beautiful baby girl Olivia, and works in a lil’ nook of a studio filled with children’s books + bunting flags + vintage toys + party props.

Michelle Nickolaisen

Michelle Nickolaisen is a freelance writer & business owner who loves to take on side-projects (like Kickstarter for the Freelancer Planner, or writing a novel). When she’s not writing for herself or clients, you can usually find her training Brazilian jiu-jitsu or watching something involving sci-fi and/or superheroes.

Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward, PCC, has been offering dream career guidance for creative women as The When I Grow Up Coach since 2008. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Etsy, Newsweek, Freelancers Union, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career List or 100+ other media outlets. She’s the co-author of The Declaration of You, which was published by North Light Books, and the teacher of Create Your Dream Career and Ditch Your Day Job, which were watched by tens of thousands of people live on CreativeLive.

Paula Jenkins

Paula Jenkins is a certified life coach, recovering project manager, and the host of Jump Start Your Joy. From working one on one with coaching clients, to leading retreats and online classes, to hosting her weekly podcast, she is dedicated to bringing more joy into the world. Focusing on the transformative nature of joy, she believes that joy is a choice, even when one is faced with hard times and difficult questions.

Scott Anthony Barlow

Scott Anthony Barlow is the Founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps you stop doing work that doesn’t fit, figuring out what does and then teaching you to make it happen! He has been helping people develop their careers and businesses for over 10 years as a Human Resources Leader, Business Development Expert, and Career Coach. With over 2000 interviews worth of experience from his HR career, Scott interviews others telling their story of finding work they love on the Happen to Your Career Podcast. Scott and his wife Alyssa have 3 children and live in Moses Lake, Washington.

Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han is a business and branding coach and podcast host who helps highly-creative people raise their hands and say yes – to those businesses they’ve always wanted to have, to those ideas that feel crazy, and to themselves. As the founder of 100 Rejection Letters program and the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast, Tiffany helps creative entrepreneurs move beyond their comfort zones to build businesses (and lives) that are based on bold, inspired action.

Amber McCue

Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert, studied Organization Development in Johns Hopkins’ MBA program, and Founder of NiceOps, a modern business management and operations consultancy based out of Annapolis, Maryland. McCue is the creator of several noteworthy programs & courses for busy and first-time business owners, including her signature How to Clone Yourself (which accomplishes exactly as it sounds, sans sheep), the long-term hands-on program Freshly Implemented, where she acts as an outsourced COO for struggling small business owners, and her latest and greatest development, CEO School, a brand new way

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Got Questions? Find the Answers below:

Are the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves right for me?

To find out if you’re multi-passionate, answer the following questions with a “Yes” or a “No”:

  1. Are you curious about numerous, unrelated subjects?
  2. When you really understand how something works, where it fits, and/or how to do it, do you lose interest?
  3. Do you hate that there’s an expectation for just one answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”
  4. Do you find it almost impossible to describe what you’re going to be doing in 5 years in the singular?
  5. Do you have a tough time choosing?
  6. After a year or two working in one place, do you get the itch to move on?

Answered “Yes” to at least 4 of these questions? Then you’re a multi-passionate – just like us and a ton of other creatives – and everything included here is meant for your varied interests and don’t-wanna-pick-just-one perspective. We’re not as rare as you think – we’re just not out in force (yet!).

Are these digital products, or am I going to have to pay for shipping?

All 14 of these products are digital. No shipping required.

There are so many products here! How is everything delivered?

When you click on the Order Now button, you’ll be directed to PayPal to pay securely via bank account or credit card. Once that goes through, you’ll automatically get a link to a Zip file that you can download to your computer. That Zip file contains all of the programs listed above, each neatly labeled and organized. For workbook style products, you’ll find the PDFs in full, which will allow you to read them on your computer, send them to your Kindle or Nook, or print them out. Programs provided in another format – audio, video, and/or email course – will come with a one page PDF that will give you access information.

Note: If you’re having trouble downloading the Zip file, please try downloading it in a different browser.

When I read through the long list of products you are offering, I worry that I will be overwhelmed. Any suggestions?

You can treat a sale like this in a few ways:

  • Guides for your use when you need them. So, you purchase them, put them someplace safe (like Dropbox), and know that when you’re hit with a challenge you have them in your arsenal. Then, you’re only using what you need when you need it.
  • This is a multipotentialite’s dream! Load everything up, take it with you to the park or a coffee shop, and give yourself ultimate permission to browse away. Then, pick the 2 or 3 (not 1!) products that interest you most at that time, and take everything else off of your Kindle or hard drive. Then when you finish one (or are ready to move on from it), you have to return it to replace it with another. It’s like your own lending library!
  • If you think you want to dig in to all the products, put something on your calendar every week or two with a “Time for a new MPMH product!” note – or “assign” each week or two a new guide to go through. Whatever you feel will be most helpful for you.
Can I download this onto my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can. However, since the files are all bundled up in a single Zip file, you may need an app that opens Zip files. Check out iZip for iPhone or WinZip for Android.

If you’re still having trouble accessing the products on your phone or tablet, we recommend downloading it onto your computer, unzipping the file, and then transferring the individual products over to your device.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

Because of the volume of content delivered and the number of the contributors involved, we’re unable to accept returns or refunds after a purchase has been made. Of course, if there are any technical problems with the files, we’ll be sure to correct them ASAP.

I bought this bundle last year. How much of it is the same?

None of it! These 14 products are 100% different than what we offered last year, so add to your learning library and know that there’s zero overlap.

Is there anything special about this year’s bundle?

Glad you asked. In addition to being packed full of helpful, handpicked resources, this year’s bundle includes products that haven’t yet been released, products that have been retired, and products that have been specially put together for Multi-Passionate Must-Haves. In other words, there are goodies in this bundle that you will not find anywhere else.

I love sharing awesome resources on my blog and social media. Do you have an affiliate program available?

Once you purchase the bundle, you’ll be able to sign up to be an affiliate. Anyone who makes a purchase through your link will net you 30% of the sales price. We’d be so excited to have you spread the word!

Will you be offering this again in the future?

Nope! While this has been an annual sale for the past 4 years, we’re unable to commit to offering this bundle sale in the future. If these Multi-Passionate Must-Haves resonate with you right now, then right now is the time to make it happen.

$1599 worth of programs from 15 experts for just $97, with $10 of each sale going towards The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer?

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